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Reclaim control over the ads you show.

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One API for ads from Ticketmaster

Control Your Ads

  • Enjoy a powerful ad selection API pulling from thousands of products, places, and events
  • Know exactly what ad you're showing for every impression
  • Target ads based on your own user data, surrounding content, interest vertical—or not at all
  • Keep your users safe and their data private


  • Privacy-friendly: no pixels or third-party scripts
  • Own your data (don’t let ad tech vendors steal it)
  • No added latency and data costs

Lightning Fast

  • Response times a fraction of the speed of typical ad partners
  • Instant ad load with ad precaching

Purely Native

  • Safe: no arbitrary scripts or iframes
  • Predictable: know exactly what your users will see

True responsiveness with Jellyfish™

With our ad display SDK for web, you can present ads in any size—from mobile banner to full screen—and easily customize the theme to match your content.

"I've honestly been stunned by how beautiful and surprisingly effective the ads have been."

- A Gladly Ads viewer

Instant ads with Leopard™

With our ad fetching SDK for web, you can painlessly preload ads for immediate display. Let Leopard magically handle ad precaching, expiry, and refetching.

"You guys are doing advertising correctly."

- A Gladly Ads viewer

Not a developer? No problem.

Gladly Ads is a fully-managed, user-friendly ad solution built on the Gladly Ads API.

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