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Princeton March Gladness Scavenger Hunt Details

Congrats again Princeton Tabbers on winning this year’s March Gladness tournament! Based on the responses we received, we’ll be hosting the scavenger hunt on April 30th at 4:30pm ET!

In preparation, here’s the low-down on the scavenger hunt:

  • Any team of 3-5 people can enter the hunt by submitting their group
  • All team members must be Tab for a Cause users. If some haven’t yet joined, be sure to refer them using your link (in order to get those extra Hearts!)
  • Beginning at 4:30pm EDT and ending at 7:30pm EDT, you’ll run around campus to complete an array of tasks.  
  • Tasks may be items to collect, videos to film, pictures to take, or places on campus to check in. You’ll be awarded points based on the tasks completed.
  • We’ll be using Scavify to keep track of points and tasks, so you must download it onto your smartphone in order to play. We will email the team leader their account login, so don’t create an account.
  • Some tasks may require posting on social media ( Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Imgur) so be sure to have at least one team member with an account!


  • Grand Prize: $400
  • 2nd Place: $250
  • 3rd Place: $150
  • Funniest Video: $100
  • Funniest picture response: $100

Things to do before the Scavenger Hunt begins:

  • Gather up a team (3-5!).
  • Register your team using this Google form
  • Download Scavify on your smartphone
  • Create Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Imgur and YouTube accounts
  • Read Harry Potter

We hope you enjoy the scavenger hunt as much as we enjoyed coming up with some tasks and clues!

Good luck!


Introducing #ProjectReadathon

PRH_logo_readathon cropped

From April 17 – 23, the week leading up to UNESCO’s World Book Day, you have an opportunity to help young readers in local communities throughout North America by doing two things you already love: reading and tabbing :)

How it works

To both celebrate and spread the joy of reading, Penguin Random House is pledging to donate up to 300,000 books to Save the Children. To unlock the book donations, all you have to do is browse and read the free, timed excerpts from their books and authors on this site. Check the top of each excerpt to see how many minutes you will contribute and how many books will be donated in return.

large background image

In addition, we have partnered with Penguin Random House to allow you to earn donated books just by donating hearts! Each 1,000 hearts donated to our #ProjectReadathon campaign will unlock a book donation to Save the Children, up to 5,000 books.

Today, only about one-third of American fourth-graders are proficient in reading. Studies demonstrate that if children can’t read at grade level by fourth grade, they are unlikely to ever catch up. This is an amazing opportunity to share a gift while doing things you already enjoy.

Happy Tabbing & Reading!


It is time for March Gladness 2017!


March Gladness 2017 is here! Last year’s tournament was really amazing, and this one’s going to be even bigger. This year there will be two separate brackets, one for college groups and one for charities. Together we can raise tens of thousands for charity all in the name of friendly competition!

What’s March Gladness?

March Gladness is our charitable homage to March Madness, the famous NCAA basketball tournament where 64 teams compete in a round-by-round bracket to decide the champion. Our version pits groups and charities on Tab for a Cause against one another in a competition to see who can earn the most Hearts for charity (and win some great prizes along the way!)

How can I participate in the competitions?

The selection process will last from now until March 11. There are two separate brackets. Here’s how you can participate:

  • The 32 most-submitted charities through this form by March 10 at 4:00pm PDT will get spots in the charity bracket.

How do I join a group?

To join a college group on Tab for a Cause, simply navigate to your dashboard and type your desired group name in the search field.

How does my group or charity win?

Just like March Madness, there will be multiple rounds, each one cutting the number of teams in half. In each round, groups and charities will be competing in a head to head matchup with another group to see who can earn or donate the most hearts on Tab for a Cause.

Ways to Earn Hearts

  • 1 Heart = Open a Tab on Tab for a Cause
  • 1 Heart = Use the Tab for a Cause search widget
  • 350 Hearts = Recruit a friend to Tab for a Cause


The winner of the college group tournament will get a scavenger hunt on their campus with over $1,000 in cash prizes. Last year’s scavenger hunt on Princeton’s campus was a huge success, so we knew we had to bring back the prize for another year!

We want all of the charities in the competition to come away with donations, so each round that a charity progresses will earn them a larger donation. 1st round exits will receive $100 each, 2nd round will be $200, then $400, $600, $1,000, and $3,000 for the winning charity!

To make things extra fun, the person who can best predict the outcome of the college bracket will get $100 to use on a Kiva loan!

Let the race to get into the tournament begin!

Join your school group on Tab for a Cause and make sure you’re in the top 64 come March 11! Please post any questions or comments in the comments section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Dates to Remember:

  • March 1 – March 10: Selection Process
  • March 13 – March 17: First Round
  • March 17 – March 20 : Second Round
  • March 21 – March 24: Sweet 16
  • March 25 – March 28: Elite Eight
  • March 28 – March 31: Final Four
  • March 31 – April 3: Championship

-Alex and the Tab for a Cause team

Questions? See our FAQ page or comment on this post

Header Bidding is a Game Changer for Smaller Publishers

My company, Gladly, has a unique perspective on the ad industry as both an ad network helping publishers monetize their audience, and as a publisher of our own small/medium website, Tab for a Cause, that sees roughly 40MM monthly banner ad impressions. In our experience, small publishers in particular will see the most benefits from the newest monetization trend, header bidding.

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Gladly Ads: An advertising solution for publishers

In October 1994, the Internet experienced something groundbreaking: the first banner ad appeared on, now


The ad was sponsored by AT&T and aimed to promote seven art museums. According to its creator, Joe McCambley, the ad experienced a 44-percent CTRproving nearly 260x more effective than today’s average of 0.17 percent.

Instead of bombarding users with messaging, early banner ads were a part of a brand’s overarching advertising campaign, playing a role in fully immersing consumers in an ad experience. But as more people joined the Internet, albeit at a painstakingly slow speed, a massive industry was born. Seemingly overnight, scores of ad tech firms popped up, offering advertisers new ways to put their brands in front of consumers.

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Gladly 2016 User Ad Blocking Report

Over the last year, the growth of  ad blocking has been one of the biggest stories across the online world. While there has been considerable discussion of petty disputes, lawsuits, influxes of funding, and the impending online content apocalypse, there has been very little reporting on the people actually driving this phenomenon: ad blocking users.

At Gladly, we believe giving users a strong voice within online advertising is the only way to truly address the issues that have spurred on ad blocking. This is why we built our own ad blocker, Goodblock, which not only blocks ads but also allows users to opt-in to a few enjoyable ads each day. If they do, those ads raise money for charity.

We surveyed Goodblock users to gain a deeper insight into ad blocking users’ behavior and attitude toward online advertising. The result is this year’s User Ad blocking Report.

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