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11 Ways Your Tabs Made a Difference Since January

Tab for a Cause recently published the quarterly statement of earnings for January – March 2014, showing Tabbers how much they have raised for charity just by surfing the web. Tabbing with us has a sizable impact—here are 11 of the ways that lives have been improved by your support in only three months:

1. Ensured 88 more people will have clean water for life

For just $25, can get someone safe water for life. What your tabs raised this quarter ensures that 88 more human beings are covered by their program. We like to imagine that Matt Damon is somewhere nodding in approval.

2. Held more human rights abuses accountable

Human Rights Watch uncovers worldwide abuses and fights against them every day. This quarter, your support has raised the most to date toward their initiatives. That’s right–you browse Tumblr at 3am to combat evil.

3. Provided 80 newborns with care packages

Save the Children provides care packages to newborn babies for $30 each, so your tabs just made sure 80 pleasant arrivals are healthy enough to eventually be embarrassed when their parents call them “snugglebun.”

4. Supported a movement to get active

Diabetes Hands Foundation created an exercise program called the Big Blue Test. It’s designed to help diabetics drop their blood glucose, but anyone can do it to get a little healthier. By tabbing for them, you help support their goal of a united community empowering those with diabetes.

5. Gathered more $ for Nerdfighteria and Youtube to give annually

The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck is the charitable foundation behind Project for Awesome–an annual event in which YouTubers and Nerdfighters raise mad funds to donate for charity. Donations to FTDWS with your tabbing are added to the pool given to 501(c)3 non-profits at the end of P4A in December.

Grants given in 2013 include The Harry Potter Alliance, This Star Won’t Go Out, Save the Children, and

6. Helped to publish an original children’s book

Room to Read seeks to give every child a great education–with literacy–so that they can grow to make a positive impact in their community. One of Room to Read’s incredible literacy programs is the publishing of original children’s books. Tabbing ultimately helps their goal of providing more content for young minds to enjoy.

7. Protected 28 more cubic miles of ocean

Conservation International is dedicated to preserving the planet, which incidentally is 71% salty water. $75 protects one cubic mile of ocean; in three months you helped raise enough to cover 28 miles. That’s a chunk the size of Ann Arbor (MI) for life to grow freely.

8. Contributed toward international resolutions

International Peace Institute dedicates themselves to preventing and settling conflict across the globe. They seek peace through policy, research, publication, and outreach. Your tabbing provides a consistent way to aid their many programs.

9. Gave 38 young leaders the tools to succeed

Educate! develops young leaders and entrepreneurs in Africa so that they drive long-term sustainable development. $25 provides the materials to develop one of those leaders, and three months of your tabs became 38 opportunities for young ones to succeed.

10. Built 10 stoves for properly cooked meals

Action Against Hunger commits themselves to ending world hunger through a comprehensive and community-centered approach. One of the many items they provide are fuel efficient stoves for healthy cooked meals. At $20 each, Tabbers raised enough for 10 families to have one.

11. Created 17 more safe spaces in schools

Tabbers got together from February 10th until Valentine’s Day to celebrate #loveforall, which raised enough in five days for GLSEN to provide Safe Space Kits for 17 schools. Those kits help ensure that students feel safe at their school regardless of sexual orientation or identity.