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Cricket Cookie, Anyone?

The world will melt in 20 years. We will all run out of food. Vegetarianism will replace all other forms of diet as the only acceptable choice.



We will find a way, because we are all in this together and because we are too smart and passionate to fail. Don’t believe us? Check out the video below from Collectively.

It’s not that the doomsday reports are unwarranted; to be sure, we have put ourselves on a dangerous path. According to Conservation International the global demand for food will double by 2050 and between the overfishing of our oceans, the warming of our climate, and our dependence on unsustainable forms of land based agriculture there is reason to raise the alarm.

food info

Nonetheless, we must not accept that “the damage is done” or that the growth of humanity cannot coexist without a concurrent depletion of the planet’s resources. Instead we must trumpet small triumphs whenever they occur and inspire new generations to take whatever steps, big or small, they can to change our course for the better.

For lunch today: plant-based-meat burger with vertical farm micro greens on a cricket roll #PassItOn #PassTheKetchup

Written by Joey DeBruin, Marketing Manager, @Joey_Gladly