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5 ways to turn your daily actions into money for charity

Daily Action into Charity Header

What’s the best way to raise money for charity?

Open wallet, remove funds, donate, repeat. There is no substitute for the feeling and impact that comes with giving away something you worked hard to get. But if you could turn your day-to-day actions into money for charity without any extra effort, that would be nice too, right? Thanks to the emergence of countless philanthropic widgets, apps, websites, and zip-zaps, you can turn yourself into an online donating machine.

How we do it:

These are our favorite tools for earning money for charity without changing your day to day. This is an important distinction because it rules out things like Freerice or SurveyMonkey Contribute where you earn money for charity by completing a task you wouldn’t do otherwise.

Goodsearch: a charitable penny for the internet’s thoughts


Ever wonder what’s the oldest animal ever recorded (hint: think 500+ years)? WAIT DON’T GO TO GOOGLE YET! If you go to, you will find a yahoo powered search that donates 1 penny to your favorite charity every time you answer those dinner table questions. P.S. I totally thought it would be a tortoise.

Charitymiles earns money for every mile you walk, bike, or run

charity miles

As you may remember from our last post, running and walking are some of the ways our team refocuses during those midday productivity lulls. So you can bet we love CharityMiles, which earns money for charity with every mile you log–10¢ for every mile biked and 25¢ for every mile run or walked. Just download the app and turn on the GPS next time you are on the move!

Amazon smile for every item you buy on Amazon

amazon smile

Simply go to, pick the charity you want to receive your donation, and continue shopping for any product you could find otherwise on Amazon. Your charity gets 0.5% of your total purchase, which adds up quickly if you’re like us and can’t remember how you survived before automatic monthly toothbrush deliveries.

Goodshop: for deals in online shopping that benefit you and your charity


From the same people that bring you goodsearch, Goodshop partners with thousands of retailers to donate a percentage of your online shopping to a charity of your choice. For example, you may get a coupon for 25% off mother’s day jewelry at Macy’s or Amazon that in turn donates 4% of your purchase to (or whichever charity you choose). Often the discounts apply to anything in the store. Win win.

Tab for a Cause: earn money for your favorite charity with every new tab you open

tfac smile

How many tabs do you have open right now? If the answer is one, it may be because you are an alien who is not familiar with the our species of multitasking, occasionally scatterbrained humanoids. Humans, however, tend to open a lot of tabs. Our Tab for a Cause extension provides a fully customizable new tab page that raises money for your favorite charity every time the need for a new tab strikes.

How do you incorporate giving in your day to day?

These are the tools we use, but there are so many other ways people find to give back to the causes they feel strongly about. We want to hear from you! Drop us a comment below, tweet at us @tabforacause, or post on our Facebook.

Written by Joey DeBruin, Marketing Manager, @Joey_Gladly