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We’re celebrating Giving Tuesday and our new adblocker, Goodblock, by letting you choose which charity gets today’s donation!

goodblock-giving-tuesdayTo celebrate #givingtuesday, we are giving $1,000 for every 1.5M hearts donated on Tab for a Cause! Which charity you might ask? You tell us!

Here’s how it works:

  • Donate your hearts on the campaign page on Tab for a Cause
  • Get 1000 additional hearts by downloading our new adblocker, Goodblock
  • Post a link to your favorite charity in the comment section below. If you like, add a short description for why you think they are awesome!
  • Whichever comment receives the most upvotes will get a donation from us equalling the amount we raise in the campaign!

What’s Goodblock?

Goodblock is an adblocker with a purpose; by blocking all the ads you would normally see (yep, Facebook and YouTube too) and all third-party data tracking, your browsing is kept private and distraction free. Then, choose to see a beautiful ad that earns money for a charity of your choice. Or don’t. That’s your call. Read more about Goodblock here.

What’s Giving Tuesday?

We have a day for giving thanks, and two days for shopping deals. Now we have one for giving back. Charities, businesses, families, communities, and students around the world are joining together to raise money and awareness for causes that really matter. There is no limit to the possibilities for how to participate: just gather your friends and family together and find a way to give back to this world of ours. Then join the discussion and tell us what giving back means to you!


  • tannenijmeijer

    I think the money should go to One Girl. It’s a charity that strives to educate girls in Africa.

  • Iselle

    I think the money should go to Defenders of Wildlife.

  • Fanny Jane Hudson

    I think it should go to the Ocean Conservancy.


    I think the money should go to Special Effect, they’re a UK charity that help adapt video games for people with disabilities… which is really awesome :)

  • Jeff Rodriguez
  • Niki Howlett South African Youth Mentoring

  • Katkee

    The Make A Wish Foundation helps kids who don’t have a chance at a future enjoy their present. It makes sick children happy, and really, if we can’t do that what’s the point of life?

    • Tomaten Sosse

      yes I was just about to post the same. Please people, this is really a great foundation <3

  • Jordan

    World Wildlife Fund!
    Not only do they help protect and conserve the environment, a lot of their work also helps people in the developing world.

  • HS

    Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America! Today is the first day of Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week:

  • Jessica

    It should go to The Girl Store! By educating girls in India it helps reduce (and, hopefully, one day eliminate) child marriage and slavery.

  • Kirsten

    It should go to Artists Striving to End Poverty! ASTEP helps to empower young people around the world through arts education.

  • Philip

    Against Malaria Foundation!

    They distribute mosquito nets in Africa to prevent malaria, and rates them as the world’s most effective charity in terms of the amount of good they do per dollar.

  • Victoria Dorsey

    It should go to Clean the World, they recycle and sanitize soap from hotels and give it to people in need of better sanitation and better hygiene. They provide education about the importance of using soap and give soap to families in need. The most common water-borne illness is diarrhea and diarrhea is the third leading cause of death among adults, the second leading cause of death among children under the age of five globally, and the number one killer of children under the age of five in Sub-Saharan Africa. It kills more children than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. In Madagascar alone, water-borne illnesses are responsible for 3.5 million missed days of school.

    Donating just $1 has an average return of $25.50.
    It is an inexpensive and simple intervention for one of the most easily preventable causes of death. Please choose Clean the World.

  • Jill Lytle

    CAMP RONALD MCDONALD FOR GOOD TIMES!!! Camp Ronald McDonald is a Camp for kids with cancer AND their families. They provide no cost-free, medically-supervised Camp experiences for patients and their siblings from age of diagnosis through graduation from high school. It is funded entirely through donations, and primarily staffed with volunteers – many of whom come back year after year (next summer will be my 10th!) It is one of the only places some of our campers can feel like a kid first, instead of just a patient or sib, and allows them to experience the traditional summer camp activities, like swimming, horseback riding, arts and crafts, and an overnight for the upper units, no matter their physical limitations. There is also a family camp for families with patients ages 0-8 that allow the entire family to enjoy Camp, learn about our program, and talk to other families who may be facing the same struggles – often for the first time.


    • Lacey
      • Jill Lytle

        Thanks Lacey!! I totally forgot about posting the link!!

        • Lacey

          Thanks for posting!

  • Angela Dong
  • Sarah G

    Did you know pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rate of any major cancer killer? Just 7% of those diagnosed will survive 5 years. Can you imagine facing those odds? Yet, pancreatic cancer receives the lowest funding and awareness of any major cancer killer.

    I volunteer with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in memory of my dad, who was diagnosed my freshman year of high school and passed away less than a year later. This is an organization that truly uses its funding to support patients, raise awareness, and fund research. It is more than worthy for your Giving Tuesday campaign.

  • Jonas Bendtsen
  • Cassandra Corrigan

    Considering Giving Tuesday falls on World AIDS Day this year, I’d say the funds should go to an HIV/AIDS research fund.

  • Jennie

    I would like to see my donation go to an American based charity.

  • Eddie Long

    With all the problems our world faces right now with Isis and extremism, and all the people killed and displaced by violence, I believe we should give to the Preemptive Love Coalition! This organization works on the premise that in order to put out the darkness we have to love in the face of it! Preemptive love seeks to show enemies that it’s possible to love each other again. They are known for bringing together people groups that have historically been enemies and helping them to help each other so that they see their shared humanity. They are currently playing a large role in helping refugees to get back on their feet and empowering them to provide for themselves!

    • I was here

      I have not heard of this charity organization before reading the above comment, I visited their website read about what they do and truly felt inspired by their message and i have joined their cause personally. I believe we need to help refugees displaced by ISIS terroristic activity.

      what I really appreciate about this organization it acknowledges that we all have different political and religious views, but believes we can have peace in spite of that

  • Cait M

    I think the money should go to Rett Syndrome Research Trust!
    Rett Synrome is a genetic neurological condition affecting girls, which is often described as ‘all of the sypmtoms of autism, cerebral palsy, Parkinsons, epilepsy and anxiety all in one little girl’. Girls affected are often very intelligent but cannot walk, talk, or use their hands and are very unwell with seizures, breathing and digestive issues. Apart from being a devastating condition for those affected, this is really worthwhile research to invest in because it has been proven to be fully reversible in mice! This is groundbreaking in neuroscience as it was previously thought that improper brain development could not be reversed. The implications of being able to translate this into a cure for humans would be massive for a huge range of neurological conditions! There are loads of really exciting research projects going on and every day they get a bit closer to a cure for these gorgeous girls!

  • Carlan Loeb-Muth

    Lungevity Foundation to further lung cancer research and find a cure to the number cancer killer in women and men!

  • awful is an amazing charity co founded by Actor and PCA winner Misha Collins. They actually just finished a mission trip to Nicaragua. Their members and volunteers are sweet as can be in person and on social media. This charity definitely deserves some attention!

  • Weronika Because no one should fight for a cup of water everyday.

  • Nikolas Bernaola Álvarez

    It should go to the Against Malaria Foundation!

    They are one of the most effective charities in the world. If you want to make sure you’re doing the most good you can it should go there.

  • TheCallofDiamonds
    The whole world is going through a major water crisis. In ten years time, countries like Australia and America will be in a economic water crisis’. And even right now every minute, one child dies from lack of clean water. gives clean water and creates wells and water stations, saving millions of lives. This may sound like somebody else’s problem but in 30 years time, it will be yours too!

  • Sam

    We should donate to The Trevor Project.

  • Dr. Helena Chambres

    It should be given to Society for Science and the Public. They help to empower people, especially youth to do things that incorporate STEAM, more. It’s a wonderful, and trustworthy organization. Here’s the website.

  • Amal Ismail-Ladak

    The Aga Khan Development Network ( This charity focuses on many aspects of humanitarian aid and international development. :)

    Programs they’ve focused on/are focusing on:

    The locations that they focus on are often neglected by other charities (e.g. South and Central Asia and Eastern Africa), and they try to bolster these areas by focusing on initiatives in social development, education and charity projects.
    I think this would be a fantastic charity to support!!

    P.S. Go check it out (even if it doesn’t receive the most upvotes). :)

  • Paula Bosch

    Spanish NGO that works for education and entrepreneurship for the sustainable development of communities in Kenya!

  • Tolkien Fanatics

    Saving the world isn’t just for fictional characters any more…
    Hello! My name is Alex, and I’m a huge geek. I love Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, DC, and more.

    My goal is to help save lives in honor of the 52nd Anniversary of Doctor Who this year.
    You can donate at

    When I found out that all it takes is $25* for to provide someone access to clean water, I knew that together, we can save lives. Imagine walking miles for a drink of water. This is the reality for millions of women and children. Collectively, women and children spend 125 million hours every day walking and collecting water for domestic use. When women and children gain access to water they are healthier and have more time for education, work and raising their families.

    Will you help me raise enough money to provide 52 people with access to clean water by February 17th? That’s $1300. I know we can reach that if we all work together!

    Let’s turn our love of these fandoms into something that can help people by addressing real needs in the world today.

    We all give for different reasons. Mine is not only because I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, but it’s also because I’m a Christian and I believe in God’s love. That’s why I’m giving to this — how about you? Maybe you give for other reasons. I’d like to know why you’re giving as well!

    What are you a fan of? A TV show, a movie, a sports team? What are your beliefs? Are you doing this for your birthday? A holiday? In memory of someone? Let us know by liking and commenting on our facebook page at!

    “I’m the Doctor, and I save people.” – The Twelfth Doctor

  • NT

    Remote Area Medical gives free medical care to people who might otherwise see a doctor or dentist. They are incredible efficient with their donations and they save so many lives.

  • Samantha Liu

    udavum karangal
    helps educate the poor and homeless of india. many of them have gone on to college.

  • Jacob Kristofor Hunter

    How about the wounded warrior project?

  • emma

    The Malala Fund!!

    The money goes towards giving every girl a minimum of 12 free, safe years of education, which is so important because over 60 million girls are out of school around the world. Malala is such an inspiring individual and the cause is crucial to improving living standards around the world.

  • Caitlin Walker

    Porridge and Rice is a British charity that ensures education for every child in the Kenyan slums, not only through the creation of schools, but through the programs about all things that could prevent a child from going to school, i.e. periods, malnutrition, and more. This charity is already doing so much and the Giving Tuesday campaign could help them do so much more.

  • Alex

    The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck! They are awesome! Check them out here:

    • I was here

      I believe it went to that last year

  • Ender0610

    Child’s Play provides children’s hospitals and domestic violence shelters with toys and video games.

  • Catherine Low

    Against Malaria. As many other posters have said, it is the No1 recommendation from givewell. It is their pick for the most effective charity per dollar donated.