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Goodblock: adblocking the Gladly way

When Kevin and I first set out to build Tab for a Cause in 2011, we wanted to use online advertising to make donating to charity simple, fun, and free. To date, Tab for a Cause has raised nearly $200k for charity and boasts a growing and energetic community of Tabbers. Along the way, we have learned a ton, but a few things really stuck out to us:

  • Many internet users open a truly astounding number of tabs every day (well over 100)
  • About 50% of Tabbers are using an adblocker in their browser
  • When we asked adblocker users to allow ads on Tab for a Cause, nearly 70% did
  • When selling banner ads as a small website (through networks), it was difficult to ensure the quality and relevance of the ads shown
  • Tabbers are interested in helping curate their own ads, and often write in to let us know about irrelevant or particularly good ads

In response to these findings, we are launching Goodblock, an adblocker with a purpose, which we hope can begin to rebuild what we see as a broken online advertising ecosystem.

Just like Tab for a Cause, Goodblock creates an easy and free way to raise money for charity by viewing online ads. However, Goodblock takes it a step further by making those ads beautiful, safe, and completely optional. With Goodblock, you will never see an ad when you don’t want to.

At its core, Goodblock is an adblocker that will remove ads from all of the websites that you visit. This dramatically decreases the page load times on your favorite websites, and also keeps your personal data out of advertisers’ hands. If you already have an adblocker, we think you will find that Goodblock is faster, prettier, and most important, more charitable than any of your other options. 

In addition to being an adblocker, Goodblock gives the option (through our delightful mascot, Tad the butterfly) to view an ad completely outside of normal web browsing. Since the ads have been specially crafted by us, we guarantee that they will be beautiful, honest, and unique. Like Tab for a Cause, each ad viewed earns “hearts” which can then be donated to one of our partner charities. Why would you opt-in to see an ad? Our goal is to make ads you actually enjoy. If you don’t we will keep improving them until you do.

We envision a future where you choose to see ads because they are helpful, beautiful, and on your own terms. Please try out Goodblock today and see for yourself just how great that future can look and feel!

You can read more about our beliefs on advertising here and learn about how Kevin and I started Tab for a Cause here