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Farewell 2015: A Year in Review

Gladly 2015 Year in Review Infographic

Looking Back: A Year in Review

With 2015 in the rear view, we’d like to thank the Gladly community for continuing to do amazing things every year by presenting you our 2015 In Review Infographic!

Gladly 2015 Year in Review Infographic

In 2015:

  • We funded the building of a library in Vietnam through Room to Read
  • We helped Heifer International bring bees back to Honduras, lifting nearly 600 families out of poverty
  • We supported Save the Children in their efforts to support the victims of the devastating earthquake in Nepal and children of the Syrian refugee crisis
  • We helped Fair Trade promote more sustainable business models and to provide sanitation that affords families time to invest in their own future

That’s just a small handful of the special projects we completed, all the while continuing to support all 8 of our partner charities with quarterly contributions to their ongoing work. In total, we raised well over $100k for charity in 2015 simply by surfing the web! It’s truly amazing how far a couple of seconds in each day can go when put to good use. And together, we’ve made it possible.

Beyond our support of charitable projects, we held our very first March Gladness, a college tournament where thousands of Tabbers competed to see which school was the most charitable. After a month of epic victories and agonizing defeats, Brigham Young University was crowned the champion. As a prize, we threw a massive scavenger hunt that produced gems such as this:

A Peek into the Future

In November, we launched our newest product, Goodblock, that aims to make all of your online ads both charitable and enjoyable. Goodblock is an adblocker that makes seeing ads a choice — you can opt-in to see a beautiful ad that earns money for charity, or simply browse ad free. Like Tab for a Cause, it is an extremely simple way to turn your internet browsing into good, and it also serves as a new (and hopefully better) model for how we all experience online ads.

We believe that internet users, not advertisers or publishers, should have the strongest voice in their advertising experience. If you share our belief that advertising should be interesting, safe, and beautiful, please try out Goodblock and let us know what you think!

We look forward to another fun year online with all of you in 2016 and hope that you all have enjoyed it as much as we have!

Written by Alex Groth, Co-Founder

  • Tim Bumpus

    Yeah, but how much money, in dollar signs, was actually donated to these charities? I’m getting somewhat uncomfortable with the lack of serious figures.

    • Gladly Inc

      Hey Tim, we post exactly how much we donate to every charity every quarter on Our goal from day one has been to be as transparent as possible in everything we do!

      • Milyusia

        October-December of 2015 is still missing.

  • BP117

    Love you guys but that pie’s looking a bit rough :/