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#MarchGladness 2016 is here!


#MarchGladness 2016 is here! Last year’s tournament was really amazing, and this one’s going to be even bigger. This year there will be two separate brackets, one for college groups and one for online communities. Together we can raise tens of thousands for charity all in the name of friendly competition!

What’s March Gladness?

March Gladness is our charitable homage to March Madness, the famous NCAA basketball tournament where 64 teams compete in a round-by-round bracket to decide the NCAA’s yearly champion. Our version pits the biggest groups on Tab for a Cause against one another in a competition to see who can earn the most Hearts for charity (and win some great prizes along the way!).

How can my group get into the tournament?

The selection process will last from now until March 13. There are two separate 64-team brackets. Here’s how your group can participate:

How do I join a group?

To join a group on Tab for a Cause, simply navigate to your dashboard and type your desired group name in the search field.

On the Goodblock adblocker, simply click the #MarchGladness Join page and pick one college group and one online community. It’s that simple!

How does my group win?

Just like March Madness, there will be 6 rounds, each one cutting the number of teams in half. In each round groups will be competing in a head to head matchup with another group to see who can earn the most hearts on Tab for a Cause and Goodblock, our charitable adblocker. You can earn extra hearts for referring your friends to Goodblock or Tab for a Cause!

Ways to Earn Hearts

  • 1 Heart = Open a Tab on Tab for a Cause
  • 350 Hearts = Recruit a Friend to Tab for a Cause
  • 100 Hearts = View an ad on Goodblock adblocker
  • 500 Hearts = Recruit a Friend to Goodblock


The winner of the college group tournament will get a scavenger hunt on their campus with over $1,500 in cash prizes. Last year’s scavenger hunt on Brigham Young University’s campus was a huge success, so we knew we had to bring back the prize for another year!

The winning group in the online communities bracket will get to choose which charity will receive ALL of the money raised in the tournament! We pledge to donate at least $5,000 but our guess is it will be a lot higher than that!

To make things extra fun, the use who can best predict the outcome of the college bracket will get $100 to use on a Kiva loan!

Let the race to get into the tournament begin!

Join your school group on Tab for a Cause or promote any kind of group on Tumblr or reddit and make sure you’re in the top 64 come March 13! Please post any questions or comments in the comments section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Dates to Remember:

  • March 1 – March 13: Selection Process
  • March 15 – March 21: First Round
  • March 22 – March 27 : Second Round
  • March 28 – April 1: Sweet 16
  • April 1 – April 5: Elite Eight
  • April 5 – April 8: Final Four
  • April 8 – April 11: Championship

-Joey and the Gladly team

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  • Wonseok Song

    How can I get my school group to participate in this? We have 22 active members, which places us within the top 64 in both the college and online tournaments, but we aren’t listed in either.

    • Tab for a Cause Team

      Hi Wonseok!

      What’s your school group name? I’ll take a look into it.

      – Giovanni

      • Wonseok Song


        • Wonseok Song

          Any word?

  • Kayy Van

    How do you even earn hearts for this? Because I’ve been earning hearts and it doesn’t update my standing in my group. I tried donating too, just to see, and that didn’t do anything either.

  • Emily

    I added the Goodblock extension, how do I get the hearts on Tab for a Cause?

    • Claudia Dancy

      Year I’m having trouble with that as well

    • Kasey O

      I’m have this same problem too

  • Róża Puzio

    every day I get notification that I earned 100 hearts for seeing an ad, what is not true, each time I get only 20 hearts… Why is that?