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Congrats Nerdfighteria! Now pick your favorite charity!

Update: Thanks Nerdfighters for choosing The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck as the recipient of the $8,000-donation for #MarchGladness! The charity will receive the donation at the end of the quarter. Stay tuned for a wrap-up of our tournament!

Original post: Congratulations Nerdfighters on winning the #MarchGladness online community bracket! Whether it was by tabbing on Tab for a Cause or choosing to view an ad on our charitable Goodblock adblocker, you swept the competition!

As winners of the tournament, you get to decide which charity will receive ALL of the money raised during the tournament: $8,000! Here’s how:

  • Post a link to your favorite charity in the comments below. Be sure to provide a description on the cause and why you think it’s awesome.
  • Whichever comment receives the most upvotes will get a donation from us in the amount we raised during the tournament at the end of the quarter.
  • Deadline is Monday, April 18 at 3pm PDT.

Don’t know which charity to nominate?

Nerdfighters voted on these charities during P4A15, and include The Star Won’t Go Out, The Harry Potter Alliance and Against Malaria Foundation OR pick from one our proven charities!

Thanks again for everyone who participated in #MarchGladness and for raising money for charity through Tab for a Cause and the Goodblock adblocker.

Don’t Forget To Be Awesome,

  • WBUR Membership

    Planned Parenthood: because access should be for all. <3

    • Michi Desu

      I totally agree with donating to Planned Parenthood.

  • CarIn Germany

    The Vape nation

  • slider501

    Save The Children, because it is a charity already widely supported by Nerdfightaria, and they need all the help they can get to support the Syrian refugees

    • Yeah guy

      I absolutely agree!!!

  • Ahna Ziegler
    SowHope inspires women around the world by promoting wellness, education, and economic opportunities through partnering with local leaders using local solutions to solve local problems.

    • Brittany

      This sounds good! It’s important to not just through money at a problem, but provide resources and assistance so local leaders and communities can get equipped to help themselves.

  • Kevin Zheng

    Foundation to Decrease World Suck!

    The Project for Awesome, which is run by the Foundation, will be able to distribute the $8000 to lots of charities.

    Also because John and Hank Green.

    • Inigo

      Ya we should do this one

    • Alix

      I thought of this first also, but then the money wouldn’t go anywhere until next p4a. It would be awesome to get this out in the world now.

    • Nienke Fleur

      totally agree, I think it’s better that this money gets distributed during the next P4A (even if that still takes a little while) so that more charities can profit from it, rather than 1 (larger) charity getting it all, also then more nerds can help decide where the money should go!

    • Tab for a Cause Team

      Thanks @zhng:disqus for suggesting the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck – they’ll be receiving the donation! :)

      Stay tuned for a wrap-up of the tournament!


  • Bryn Hull

    The Foundation to Decrease World Suck!

    The official Nerdfighter foundation! The money will be disbursed during P4A16!!

  • katwaterflame

    The Wayne Foundation doesn’t get enough exposure for all the good they do!! They could absolutely use the money!!

  • Micky T

    I nominate This Star Won’t Go Out. With $8000, they could help at least five families, probably more, and by helping those families, they enable them to spend more time with their child who has cancer.

    • Alix

      Yes! I first thought of the foundation to decrease world suck, but that wouldn’t get used until next year’s p4a. 8,000 would be a lot of money for tswgo.

  • Daniel Powell

    Blood:Water for helping African communities dig for clean water, install catch tanks, and providing medical care and support to those with HIV/AIDS in Africa.

  • Rennie DiCarlo

    The red wolf sanctuary, based in Indiana, is a non profit organization that takes care of injured wild animals. The animals in their care include ones that used to be exotic pets, but were abandoned by their owners, animals that were hit by cars, almost killed by bulldozers or other machinery, or animals that for whatever other reason are unable to survive in the wild.

  • Beccah Kirk-Wollesen

    This Star Won’t Go Out
    This money could help multiple families who have children with cancer have more quality time together. This way they can focus on what really matters (being a family and holding strong) and not have to worry as much about things like spending all their time at work to pay rent for the month.

  • Alanna R.

    Breaking the Chain Through Education is a charity that frees child slaves in Ghana and aims to educate them so they can live the life they want!

  • Caitlin O’Connell

    I think we should give this to the UNHCR. John’s mentioned in his videos about his trip to refugee camps how underfunded they are, and I think it would be an excellent and timely gift to help out these people who so much need our support and compassion.

  • Ezra
    Human Rights watch

  • z zelinski

    The FSHSociety because the organization offers support, knowledge, and medical advancements for patients who live with FSHD. FSHD, or fascioscapulohumeraldystrophy is a type of degenerative muscular dystrophy. There’s currently no cure for the disease, though science has begun to come close. The disease affects over 870,000 people. The FSHSociety has been rated 4 stars on CharityNavigator and manage their donations well. With $8000, the fshsociety could fund more research towards a cure and maximise awareness.

  • Lindsay Fannin

    Supporter contributions help to fund all Random Acts activities. Donations help to fund random acts of kindness performed by the staff and by outside volunteers.

    Certain funds are also earmarked for large campaigns, such as Hope 2 Haiti and Dreams to Acts: Nicaragua. These funds have helped to provide relief to various organizations in Haiti following the 2010 Earthquake, including the construction of the Jacmel Children’s Center and aid to the Art Creation Foundation for Children, two organizations that provide aid and education to the children of Jacmel, Haiti. These funds have also helped support the construction of the Center for Human Development, which will serve as a campus for the Free High School of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

    Donations also fund additional Random Acts programs and events, such as Class Act, Caught in the Act, and the Annual Melee of Kindness (AMOK).

  • Erin✌️

    This Star Won’t Go Out!
    They provide help to families with cancer, and they could really use the money. They’re also connected to Hank and John Green, the originators of Nerdfighteria. It would also be an awesome way to honor Ester Earl’s memory, which I’m sure John would appreciate!

  • Mary Pilkinton

    Girls from Oz is an amazing Australian organisation that provides performing arts programs to Aboriginal girls in rural communities. In Australia, there is a huge issue with young indigenous not staying in school as well as huge social and health problems in these small communities. The programs Girls from Oz runs provides girls with an amazing opportunity to grow as people, have fun, build confidence and have the opportunity to travel out of their small town. Some girls attendance increases by 40% after going through the program.

    The $8000 would help send more experienced dance, drama and music teachers (all volunteers) to the communities, and bring the girls in the program to an Australain Capitol city to perform with the Australian Girls Choir.

  • Zen C. Melzer

    i-med vision: improving and saving lives of children and parents in south african townships through education, learning materials tailored to local needs and promoting self help.

  • Liz Brigham

    The Harry Potter Alliance!

  • Tashiana Frankowski
    I know this isn’t a widely known charity but I will try to give what I know. This charity is a charity that right now is working to raise money for kids starving all over the world. My friend is a part of it and she says that she is going to go 30 hours without food in order to see what people without food feels like and while she is doing that she will be raising money for worldvision. Worldvision is a Christian charity but they help anyone regardless of religion. Even if this charity doesn’t win can you at least look at it and help? Thank you and that is all.

  • Julianna Prather

    To Write Love on Her Arms!

    This charity helps people fighting depression, addiction, and anxiety. They are wonderful and you can check them out here:

  • Stephanie

    Give the money to The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck! It’s a zero overhead charity that distributes money raised by the online community through Nerdfighteria’s annual Project for Awesome. Last year funds were distributed to charities such as This Star Won’t Go Out, The Harry Potter Alliance, and Against Malaria, as well as many others!

  • elana wasserberg

    Conservation International! We can’t save ourselves until we save nature.

    • Emily

      Wholeheartedly agree!

  • Lisa S

    The Harry Potter Alliance!
    The HPA tackles so many different causes with dedication, creativity and enthusiasm. They are an organization made up of wonderful people with big hearts. They encourage all of us to find the activist within :)

  • Chelsea H

    Foundation to Decrease World Suck!

  • Heather W

    Urban Street Angels works to end youth homelessness by feeding homeless youth and supplying basic necessities and supportive services (including referrals to medical care, transitional employment and housing resources, and other providers of social services). Most importantly, Urban Street Angels strives to build trust and and safe relationships with these young homeless individuals to facilitate their transition off the streets.
    In addition, Urban Street Angels has a social enterprise, 8 West, which houses homeless youth while providing them with a job program.

  • Christi Joy Kenehan

    With the largest Refugee Crisis since WW2, and a lack of funding overall I propose it go to the UNHCR.

  • Patricia Kamara


  • Logan Caron

    We should donate the $8,000 to the American Cancer Society. They are the leading researchers in finding a cure for cancer.

  • Emily

    Conservation International

    Why? Well, everything we’re doing right now as humans is slowly killing off dozens of species of animals. We’ve already done enough to harm the environment and we don’t need to do anymore. For the portion of humankind that really wants to save the entire race, you have to first save the planet before we can save ourselves. After all, we only have one planet and the nearest habitable planet is many light years away, so we might as well keep planet Earth in the best shape possible. Plus, Conservation International will match our funds!

  • Hmwe Thinn

    Malala Fund

  • Courtney Y

    American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
    Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for young people between 15-24, and the 10th overall in the US. Most (about 90%) of those who die by suicide have a mental illness, and many mental illnesses go untreated. AFSP would be able to use the money to provide resources and support for those who have lost someone to suicide as well as research and education about mental health and suicide prevention. They also work for advocacy and awareness through their many Out of the Darkness walks. My university is working to raise money for AFSP right now, and I really think they’re a great organization.

  • Carlin

    I vote Sea Shepherd Conservation Society(, SSCS works on the high seas to combat illegal activity, they currently have a campaign in the sea of Cortez working with the Mexican navy to save the Vaquita, the most endangered porpoise in the world.