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Goodblock New Feature: Achievements!

Since launching the Goodlock adblocker, we’ve been working on fun ways for our community to interact with our app and with each other.

Today we’re thrilled to introduce Badges and Trophies!

Screenshot of Goodblock badges

Badges are awarded to all users once they reach a personal achievement. Trophies are awarded in a king-of-the-hill style; meaning, only one user can be the owner of a trophy at some stated time.

The more you interact with Goodblock, the more opportunity you’ll have of earning badges and trophies. For example, if you invite more friends to Goodblock or donate to a specific charity, you just might earn a badge.

To access your achievement case, navigate to your Goodblock dashboard and select the certificate icon in the upper-right corner. Earned badges will appear in full color; hover over them to see how you got them. Badges you’re close to attaining will appear as silhouettes; hover over them to see how to secure them! All other badges will be locked; you’ll need to explore Goodblock to unlock them.

We’ll be rolling out new badges and trophies in coming weeks, so leave us some feedback in the comments below on what you’d like to see!

Update: You can now share the badges and trophies on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr! Once you earn a badge or become a trophy owner, you’ll be notified!

Image of share on social modal

To share previosly earned badges, just navigate to your achievement case and click on your desired badge. It’s that simple!

– Giovanni

  • Kastrel

    Do I have to do something (update/reinstall) to see this change? I can’t see anything in the top right corner of my dashboard (or any badges/trophies anywhere else).

    • Tab for a Cause Team

      Hi @kastrel2:disqus – nope! You just happened to have found this blog post before it was officially live. It’s live now! :)

      Let me know what you think!

      – Giovanni

  • Garik Tate

    Cool idea, one thing that I would suggest: Some people like myself only really believe in a single charity, and thus only donate to that one charity. Which means we are unable to get all the badges.

    Now this isn’t really a big deal, but I think it would calm down my OCD if the badges were purposefully divided up so that badges regarding individual charities were separate and organized differently from the more general badges.

    Just a thought (my personal OCD chokes me when I see the badges all jumbled together, and I have an urge to collect them all).

  • Kathryn Weir

    I just wish I could tell what the question mark ones are. I’ve earned all the 20s (except Ambassador) and I’m not sure what Good Samaritan or Advocate are. 30s for something?