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Princeton University Scavenger Hunt #MarchGladness2016

Congrats again Princeton Tabbers on winning this year’s #MarchGladness tournament! Based on the responses we received, we’ll be hosting the scavenger hunt on May 6 at 6:30pm EDT!

In preparation, here’s the low-down on the scavenger hunt:

  • Any team of 3-5 people can enter the hunt by submitting their group
  • All team members must be part of the Gladly community (i.e. Tab for a Cause or Goodblock users). If some haven’t yet joined, be sure to refer them using your link (in order to get those extra Hearts!)
  • Beginning at 6:30pm EDT and ending at 9:30pm EDT, you’ll run around campus to complete an array of tasks.  
  • Tasks may be items to collect, videos to film, pictures to take, or places on campus to check in. You’ll be awarded points based on the tasks completed.
  • We’ll be using Scavify to keep track of points and tasks, so you must download it onto your smartphone in order to play.
  • Some tasks may require posting on social media (reddit, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Imgur) so be sure to have at least one team member with an account.
  • Reddit-related tasks must be submitted on the Princeton Scavenger Hunt by Gladly: Reddit Challenge post on /r/princeton to be considered for the Reddit Choice prize. These tasks must also be submitted via Scavify.


  • Grand Prize: $600
  • 2nd Place: $300
  • 3rd Place: $200
  • Reddit’s Choice: The team with the most upvoted comment on /r/princeton will be awarded $100 – so be sure you have imgur and the reddit app downloaded to save time!
  • Best Team Costume: $100
  • Funniest Video: $100
  • Funniest picture response: $100

Things to do before the Scavenger Hunt begins:

  • Gather up a team.
  • Register your team using this Google form
  • Download Scavify on your smartphone
  • Create Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Imgur and YouTube accounts
  • Read Harry Potter

We hope you enjoy the scavenger hunt as much as we enjoyed coming up with some tasks and clues!

Good luck!

– Giovanni