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#MarchGladness 2016 Recap

MarchGladness Image Header

Gladly kicked off its second annual #MarchGladness tournament several weeks ago, in which we pitted groups on Tab for a Cause and our Goodblock adblocker against each other. For four weeks, college groups and online communities knocked each other out to see who could raise the most money for charity, which was highlighted in the Huffington Post.

Online Bracket
For the first time, we extended the competition to include online communities by introducing a separate bracket. Some had been a part of the Gladly community for a while (Nerdfighteria) and some were brand new (NewLegacyInc). After four weeks, Nerdfighters swept the competition to become the champion!

As a prize, Nerdfighters selected which charity was to receive all the money raised during the tournament. After deliberating, The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck was nominated as the recipient and was awarded $8,000.

College Bracket
Compared to last year’s tournament, this year’s bracket included several international universities participating, including Oxford, Cambridge and the University of British Columbia.

Nonetheless, for the second year in a row the championship round consisted of Brigham Young University and Princeton. With redemption in mind, Princeton beat previous champions BYU to become this year’s victors!

For best predicting the winning bracket, kmacv22 was awarded a $100 Kiva Loan.

Princeton Scavenger Hunt
As the winning group, we organized a scavenger hunt on Princeton’s campus. With 3 hours to complete 100 tasks, Princeton tabbers checked in at various locations, snapped pics around campus, and sang about Tab for a Cause to the Tune of a Taylor Swift 1989 song:

At the end of it all, Grubuds came out on top with 3,745 points!

After 2 months, thousands of tabs opened and hundreds of Gladly ads viewed, #MarchGladness tournament has come to a close. We’re looking forward to making next year’s as much fun and impactful. Got some feedback about our competition? Leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Mischief Managed,

  • Carly Craig

    Hi Goodblock team! I really enjoyed participating in March Gladness 2016 — what a wonderful, productive event :) My only complaint about the way this tournament is run is that it’s pretty clear who is going to win from the start; (as a general rule) it’s the team with the most members. I would suggest that the competition could be made a lot more interesting by scoring the teams not by the total number of hearts they collect, but by the average number of hearts collected by each team member. That way, teams with fewer members stand a chance in the competition, and the results will be less predictable and consequently, more fun! Don’t know if that would even be possible, but it’s worth a mention :)

  • Aleksandar Knezevic

    Hi Goodblock and Tab For A Cause team… I really enjoyed this event, but you know what I would like even more? If there was a group chat for a group that I was in… To chat, have fun AND raise moneyz for charity. I hope you implement chat in the next Gladness event, it would make this even more fun and therefore would raise even more. Cheers!