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Back to School Charity Challenge 2016

Back to School Charity Challenge Announcement

With the end of summer (or winter, depending on which side of the equator you live on) comes the beginning of a new school term. To get you all pumped up, we’re thrilled to announce our second annual Back-to-School Charity Challenge!

Last year, we raised enough money to build a book-filled library in Vietnam through Room to Read, and we’re stoked to partner with them again to bring a much-needed library to a community in India!

What’s the Back-to-School Charity Challenge?

In this elimination tournament, elementary, middle and high school groups, as well as college groups, will compete every week to see who can earn the most Hearts on Tab for a Cause.

To kick-off the tournament, we’re partnering with to support their Back-to-School initiative. From August 22 to August 26, Gladly will donate $0.25 to for every new user who joins Tab for a Cause, up to $5,000.

From September 6 through October 7, the bottom 40% of groups will be eliminated every Friday at 2pm PDT. At the start of new rounds, the top five groups will start with 1,000 Hearts; all other advancing groups will start at zero Hearts again. This continues until there are only 20 groups left in the final round.

How does my group win?

There are several ways to earn Hearts:

  • 1 Heart = Open a tab on Tab for a Cause
  • 250 Hearts = Recruit a friend to Tab for a Cause – be sure to use your referral link!
  • 20 Hearts = View an ad on our Goodblock ad blocker. In order to earn Tab for a Cause Hearts for viewing ads on Goodblock, your emails on both apps must match (e.g. must be associated with accounts on Tab for a Cause and Goodblock).

Is there a prize?

While the real prize is providing a community with access to quality education, the winning group will have a dedication plaque installed in the library in their honor!

Picture of children holding the plaque
Students holding plaque dedicated to last year’s winners, The Raffles Girls’ School of Singapore

We’re looking forward to another fun competition and seeing how this new library will lead a community to a brighter future.

– Giovanni