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#GivingTuesday with Tab for a Cause

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To celebrate #GivingTuesday, we are giving $0.25 for every new Tabber who joins Tab for a Cause, starting now through Wednesday at 2pm PST! The total amount raised during this period will be donated to the Gladly community’s charity of choice!

Update: Thanks Tabbers for choosing the Against Malaria Foundation as the recipient of the $263 donation!

Here’s how it works:

  • Tell your friends, family, neighbors, pen pals about Tab for a Cause. Be sure to share your referral link to get 250 Hearts! You can also earn an extra Heart each time you use the Ecosia-powered search widget on your new tab page.
  • Post a link to your favorite charity in the comment section below and a reason why you think they are awesome.
  • Whichever comment receives the most upvotes will get a donation from us equaling the amount we raise in the campaign!
  • Note: Be sure to upvote the top comment that mentions a charity and not subcomments, which will not be counted toward the final tally.

Don’t know which charity to give to? Check out GiveWell’s Top Charities Listwhich include the Against Malaria Foundation, Deworm the World Initiative and more.

What’s #GivingTuesday?

While we may have a day for giving thanks, it’s quickly followed by two days centered on shopping deals. #GivingTuesday is a special call to action to create a global day of giving that brings diverse organizations and communities around the world together to give back. Last year, $116 million was raised online! There is no limit to the possibilities for how to participate: just gather your friends and family together, and find a way to give back to this world of ours. Then join the discussion and tell us what giving back means to you.

  • Rebecca Norton

    I nominate The Nature Conservancy ( because they’ve done more than anyone else to advance conservation around the world in the last 65 years. Let’s save the earth, guys!

    • potato

      ^^^^^^yessss. A million yes’ for this^^^^^^^^^

  • Bk Mkl

    I would like to nominate the Against Malaria Foundation

    They are the most efficient charity in the world, distributing bedworms in Malaria stricken areas in Subsaharan Africa. They are GiveWell’s top recommended charity for several years running, and a life can be saved for as little as $3500, the most efficient use of charity money there is!

    • CH Hahn

      I agree with this! Since it is the most efficient way to save lives, it is worth my vote!

    • Kastrel

      Absolutely. I’m so frustrated that it’s not a charity we can give hearts to yet (none of the top GiveWell charities are). Maybe if it wins this year it will encourage Gladly to add it.

      • CH Hahn

        Feel free to share this! This cause needs more upvotes. :)

    • Linchuan Zhang

      Malaria delenda est. I consider it a moral imperative to end malaria as soon as we can, and have written about it here:

    • Ozzie Gooen

      I also totally support AMF. Lots of evidence, a really effective cause.

    • Clare Harris

      GiveWell has concluded that AMF is the single most cost-effective human-focused charity – it is time we gave it the attention it deserves.

    • Evan O’Leary

      Fully support. Charity needs more quantification and research to truly be effective so I love this!

      I think at the end of the day numbers fundamentally matter, because behind every number is an individual with a life that matters.

      • Linchuan Zhang

        I agree. I understand why some people consider it heartless to think about charity in terms of numbers, but every life is sacred, and ten unwanted deaths is worse than one.

    • Sierra Davis

      I completely agree with this approach.

    • ignorance_prior

      Wow, that’s really cost-effective! If each human counts for one, then more count for more. So I’m voting for AMF.

    • Brandon Martinez

      Thank you so much for voting, I think the argument for efficient charity is a rational one, but also an emotional one. Let’s keep it going and maybe like Kastrel says, tabforacause can consider it to give hearts to.

    • Luke Freeman

      Great suggestion!

    • Remmelt

      I very much agree on this. If we really care about helping others, we should look at how we can help them the most.

    • Tab for a Cause Team

      Hi Brandon,

      Thanks for nominating such a great charity! The Against Foundation will be the recipient of this year’s #GivingTuesday donation.

      – Giovanni

      • Brandon Martinez

        Thank you Giovanni! I’m glad we were able to upvote AMF. Thank you so much for your valuable work!

      • Linchuan Zhang

        Hi Giovanni et. al,

        Thank you so much for your great work on this website, and for giving to AMF. Have you heard of Giving What We Can?

        We’re a group of over 2200 individuals (including artists, philosophers, programmers, startup founders, students and scientists) who have taken the Giving What We Can Pledge to donate 10% of our income to the most effective organizations (including, but not limited to, top GiveWell charities).

        (For people who are not ready, Giving What We Can also has another pledge, “Try Giving”, where individuals get to select a percentage and duration to donate).

        This Giving Season, we’re doing a large push to get more people to take the pledge. The target is to have 2500 members by the end of the Giving Season.

        Is this something that the Tab for a Cause Team might potentially be interested in, either taking it yourself or promoting?

        For more info, check out:

      • Brandon Martinez

        Have you ever considered adding AMF to your list of charities that we can donate hearts to? Or maybe some of the other givewell charities? It would have a massive impact as well as the other charities in your list!

  • Dani

    I nominate To Write Love on Her Arms ( because they are great advocates for mental health awareness and suicide prevention. They work to connect people with resources for help and promote the idea that there are reasons to fight.

  • Jill Lytle

    I would like to nominate Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times ( Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times is a cost-free, medically supervised camp program for kids with cancer and their families. In the summer, they have 5 sessions that serve over 600 campers ages 9-high school graduation. In the fall and spring they offer 8 family camps sessions to families with patients ages 0-8 that serve over 25 families each session. Over MLK weekend in January, they offer a Winter Camp session to their 100+ campers ages 15 – high school graduation. Additionally, they offer several social events, such as the annual Christmas party, to families outside of the normal camp activities. They’re entire budget comes from donations, so every dollar counts!!

    • DAniel

      I support this!!! Vote for Lytle!!!! =P

      • DAniel

        #Lytle Supporter

        • Monica Rodriguez

          YASS VOTE 4 LYTLE!!! WOOHOO!!!

          • Nancy Asencio

            I voted for you JILL LYTLE!! (;

          • Oscar Marquez

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          • Oscar Marquez


          • Monica Rodriguez


    • Gerson Ruiz


      • Bryant Martinez


    • lenyss

      I voted:)

    • Miguel Hernandez

      I voted Ms. Lytle (= – Pink Shirt Guy

    • Isaac Ocampo

      I voted Ms. Lytle #yourfavoritestudent 😀

    • Edgar Cortez

      FIRST FOR 6th PERIOD!!!

    • Bryant Martinez


      • Bryant Martinez

        Im amazing

        • Bryant Martinez

          Im very amazing

          • Bryant Martinez

            Im extremely, Sentamentally, amazing

          • Anthony Canche


    • Julissa Ortuno

      i voted Ms.Lytle

    • Julizaa Vazquez

      i voted

    • Monica Rodriguez


    • Brittany Urmanski

      This is a great nomination and a very deserving cause. The do such a service for pediatric cancer patients, as well as for the cancer patients family and all free of charge. This camp gives so much to the people affected by pediatric cancer, while their currently is no cure, it is so beneficial for them to have a sanctuary.

    • Jay Hache

      Downvoted due to grammar error – *Their budget, not “They’re” budget.
      Also, this is an advertising campaign for Macdonalds, not a charity. Good on them for doing good with it, but the public shouldn’t be paying for it.

      • Jill Lytle

        I apologize for the grammar error. I will fix it as soon as I finish writing, and proof reading this post for errors. I am sorry that you feel that way about Ronald McDonald House Charities, but in my 10 years of experience as a volunteer counselor, I have found that Camp is most emphatically NOT an advertising campaign for McDonald’s. Approximately 10% of the operating budget for Camp is provided for by Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California, and that is the purpose for acknowledging them in the name of the Camp. Camp does not serve Big Macs, does not push campers or their families to patronize McDonald’s, and is run entirely on donations, nearly 90% of which come from organizations that are not supported by the McDonald’s Corporation. Additionally, there is only a very small paid staff (10 full time staff, and 3-8 part time staff, depending on the time of year, plus a kitchen staff of less than 10), the other 300+ staff are entirely volunteer, from doctors and nurses to cabin and activity counselors. I highly encourage you to check out the Camp web site to find out more information about the program that Camp provides and the sources of Camp funds, and to feel free to contact the organization with any questions. Camp’s web address is

      • Melissa Lee

        I have been a volunteer with this organization for 13 years and I can also attest that this is not an ad campaign. It upsets me that you “downvoted” due to a grammar error and falsely insinuated that its an ad for McDonald’s when this organization provides cost-free medically-supervised camp programs for families affected by pediatric cancer.

        Also, I downvoted your comment due to your grammar and spelling error- McDonald’s, not MacDonalds.

      • Isaac Ocampo

        *McDonalds. Down voted due to grammar error

      • Joey Costantino

        Downvoted for being more concerned about grammar and having a negative presence in a place that is supposed to be uplifting and for charity.

    • Jose Luis Morales

      I voted Ms. Lytle by the way Isaac Ocampo says you’re his favorite teacher

    • Anthony Canche

      upvoted for macdonalds

    • Garrett Malcolm Petersen

      I just think preventing people from dying of malaria is a better cause than this. $3000 to the AMF saves a life.

      • Jill Lytle

        Please see my reply to PrometheeFeu above.

    • PrometheeFeu

      I kindly request you withdraw your nomination. While I am certain that many young children benefit greatly from the organization at which you volunteer, one must weigh not only the good of the option one supports, but also the good that could be done by the alternatives. I see you are a teacher, this could be an opportunity to teach your students about the concept of opportunity cost. The consequences of our actions are not just those that flow from that which we choose to do but also those that flow from the actions we did not take.

      There is ample research ( ) which shows organizations such as the Against Malaria Foundation saves many lives. While every child is of course deserving of a happy life, many children are denied the opportunity to have a life at all. While this is sometimes unavoidable, the AMF allows us to save some of those lives. Surely you would agree that as much as bringing joy to a thousand children is worth, saving the lives of another thousand is worth even more. And if we must choose between those two options, as we unfortunately must, we must choose the latter.

      • Jill Lytle

        I fully agree that preventing people from dying is a great cause. This Tab for a Cause
        campaign is not about choosing to fully fund 1 charity, but not another, it is about
        choosing where 1 specific donation is going. A donation of $263 as it
        turns out. You are free to upvote for any charity nominated here, or to
        nominate an additional charity you feel is even more deserving. You
        are also free to encourage anyone and everyone you know to follow your

        Additionally, after volunteering at Camp for as many years as I have, I
        know the impact of Camp goes far beyond a few days of fun. We have
        changed the lives of families afflicted by cancer for the better, and
        knowing some of our campers and families the way that I do, I believe we
        have helped to save lives as well.

        I am utterly certain that
        AMF is a great organization that does valuable, and vital work in many
        parts of the world. To me, that does not mean that every other charity
        is a waste of time or money. And hey, despite Camp’s supporters putting up a good fight, AMF won! I have faith the money will be put to very good use.

        • Linchuan Zhang

          Hi Jill. Thank you for being very gracious. I appreciate norms like kindness and polite conversation, even if we disagree about which charities are the most effective per dollar.

  • Mohammad Farhan

    I nominate Operation Smile ( because they are focusing on an issue overlooked and one that needs awareness. Check out the site, it explains the cause well.

  • Jackie Ho

    I nominate Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) ( because they are the world’s leading independent medical humanitarian organization. They are neutral but speak out when crises are forgotten or the aid system is abused, and provide medical care for those in need in almost 70 countries worldwide.

    • Vatsal Bhandari

      This is the charity organisation that Syria and Iraq need the most right now.

    • Aahan Rashid

      If you don’t want to statistically kill 1/6th of a person, vote AMF.

  • eringrand

    I nominate Planned Parenthood ( because I believe in healthcare for all individuals and especially the choice of what to do with your own body. In this political atmosphere I’m worried about the funding for PP and want to give as much as I can now.

  • Alicia Hostetler

    I nominate for #GivingTuesday because I believe that water is a basic human need that no person should have to go without. People cannot advance in life if they are concerned about how their basic needs will be met.

  • Rian Webster

    I would like to nominate Feel the Magic ( as they help grieving kids who have lost a family member with their grief journey. They have camps and they send 1-4 families to Disneyland (pending funds) as it’s the “happiest place on earth”.

  • Delaney R. EDSALL

    I nominate the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

  • Olg_LilO

    I would like to nominate Empty the Tanks …. It’s time to start protecting those who are unable to protect theirselves of a miserable existence of captivity, suffering and humilliation.

  • Emma Bell

    I nominate the Lymphoma Association ( as they have helped my family and my cousin have a better chance at living to old age since he was diagnosed with non-hodgkin’s Lymphoma nearly 6 years ago by helping with clinincal trials etc

  • Kate Wagner

    I would like to nominate The Advocacy Project They do amazing work to support dozens of organizations around the world. This year alone they raised over $10k to help end child labor in Nepal, support people affected by Agent Orange in Vietnam, build an accessible toilet for a rural school in Gulu, help rape survivors in Mali recover&generate their own income, increase awareness about women’s reproductive health in Nepal, support the families of the disappeared in Peru and Nepal, and bring peace to sparring villages in Kenya! Even though the Advocacy Project works with so many different organizations, they’re not “spread too thin” or anything like that – every group that they work with gets the help that they need.

  • Shadauxe
  • Sofia

    I would like to nominate Mercy For Animals, because ACE (Animal Charity Evaluators) has shown it to be the most effective animal charity out there, saving 14 lives for every single dollar spent towards it.

    • Sofia

      In a more general sense, I would like any of ACE or Givewell’s top charity recommendations to earn a spot on Gladly’s list, because I want to spend my hearts to save the most lives possible. <3

      • Chika Hashimoto

        You might want to consider AMF, which was posted below and needs upvotes as well. :)

        • Sofia

          I upvoted them as well! However I personally prefer Mercy For Animals over AMF, as they save 49,000 animal lives for every 1 life saved by AMF (according to the approximations of GiveWell and ACE, at least, which are obviously estimates; ACE especially is likely to be overconfident on the effectiveness of their charities, as they have not done as many studies and the ones they have done have been somewhat underwhelming) but, as I value animal lives almost equally to human lives, a ratio of even just 10 animals:1 human would make my personal choice Mercy For Animals. c:
          I know this isn’t for everyone, but I saw that AMF was already out there and I wanted to promote my pet charity as well! Mercy For Animals is the most effective charity for animal suffering and death, and AMF is the most effective charity for human suffering and death; both are vitally important, and I think both (along with ACE and GiveWell’s other recommendations) would absolutely deserve any help they get from Gladly!

  • Cait M

    I think the money should go to Rett Syndrome Research Trust!
    Rett Syndrome is a genetic brain condition affecting girls, which is often described as ‘all of the sypmtoms of autism, cerebral palsy, Parkinsons, epilepsy and anxiety all in one little girl’. Girls affected are often very intelligent but cannot walk, talk, or use their hands and are very unwell with seizures, breathing and digestive issues. Apart from being a devastating condition for those affected, this is really worthwhile research to invest in because it has been proven to be fully reversible in mice! This is groundbreaking in neuroscience as it was previously thought that improper brain development could not be reversed. The implications of being able to translate this into a cure for humans would be massive for a huge range of brain disorders! There are loads of really exciting research projects going on and every day they get a bit closer to a cure for these gorgeous girls!

  • Brittany Urmanski

    I would like to nominate Camp Ronald McDonald For Good TImes. This camp gives pediatric cancer patients and their siblings a chance to enjoy the joys of being a stress free kid for a week. Camp Ronald McDonald is free of charge to all of the campers for the 5 sessions during the summer. Over 600 children ages 9- high school graduation age are given the opportunity to be accepted and understood in a way that may be challenging at home due to their cancer. They also learn social competencies and independence. The Camp also supports the families with spring/fall weekend camps to create connections for the families of the children (also free of charge). Camp Ronald McDonald For Good Times provides an experience for children that have to endure more than their share. Their budget is based on donations, and every amount donated can help. This camp is able to bring a break for a pediatric cancer patient and their families when they need extra support and to know they are not alone.

  • Anthony Canche

    Please donate to the Anthony Charity. I’m a poor helpless young man looking for a dream in the big world. If anyone cares to help me please donate a bag of Doritos and some pencils because I always end up losing mine. Thank you.

  • Anthony Canche

    Upvote for 300 years of good luck. Ignore for bad luck. Comment for free bellwork.