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5 apps to easily raise money for charity


Whether it’s through a bake sale, going door-to-door or simply giving monthly, there are many ways people can raise money for charity. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or money to contribute. But thanks to some pretty amazing apps, you can effortlessly raise money for charity without breaking the bank or changing what you already do.

  1. Surf the Web, Save the World.
    Tab for a Cause is a free FireFox and Chrome extension that replaces your new tab page with a fully customizable home page that raises money for charity through two ads. You can then choose how much of that money goes to its partnered charities, which include, Save the Children and Room to Read. Combined with its sister app, Goodblock, users have raised nearly $300,000 for charity.
    Tab for a Cause new tab
  2. Browse ad-free with the ad blocker with a purpose
    is a free Chrome ad blocker that blocks annoying ads, making your Internet speed faster. You then have the option to see an ad; if you do, that ad raises money for charity.
    Goodblock in use
  3. Search, Plant, Save.
    Ecosia is a search engine dedicated in supporting tree planting programs in Burkina Faso, Madagascar and Peru. The organization donates 80 percent of its profits from ad revenue toward reforestation initiatives, and in just under 10 years, Ecosia has planted over 5 million trees!Ecosia logo 
  4. Turn those selfies into selflessies
    Donate a Photo is a free app that lets you support great causes for every image uploaded. For every photo you donate, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to a cause or charity of your choice.
    Donate a Photo 
  5. Walk, run or bike for charity
    Charity Miles
    is a free app that transforms  you into a sponsored athlete. Bikers earn up to 10 cents/mile, and walkers/runners earn up to 25 cents/mile. So whether you’re training for a marathon or walking down the block, you can make every mile count.Charity Miles

So whether you’re strapped for cash or always on the go, these apps help convert your everyday habits into charitable acts.