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Project for Awesome 2016

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Nerdfighters and Tabbers unite! The Project for Awesome is an annual online fundraiser that brings thousands of people together to post videos and advocate for charities doing amazing work.

While previous P4As have been two days, this year it’s three days – that’s an extra day to help decrease the overall level of world suck.

In celebration, we’re donating $0.25 to the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck, the John-and-Hank-Green led organization behind P4A, for every new Tabber who joins during P4A.

There are several ways to participate:

  1. Recruit your friends to Tab for a Cause
  2. Post a video – Record and upload a video about why you love Tab for a Cause or any charity to the Project for Awesome website. The online community will then vote on their favorite videos, which help determine the organizations that receive funding.
  3. Fundraise via Indiegogo – From digital downloads to signed art, you’ll be able to buy a wide selection of perks from the P4A Indiegogo campaign.

We’ve had some pretty amazing tabbers create awesome videos about Tab for a Cause in the past, and we’re stoked to see how we can help decrease world suck this year.