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Princeton March Gladness Scavenger Hunt Details

Congrats again Princeton Tabbers on winning this year’s March Gladness tournament! Based on the responses we received, we’ll be hosting the scavenger hunt on April 30th at 4:30pm ET!

In preparation, here’s the low-down on the scavenger hunt:

  • Any team of 3-5 people can enter the hunt by submitting their group
  • All team members must be Tab for a Cause users. If some haven’t yet joined, be sure to refer them using your link (in order to get those extra Hearts!)
  • Beginning at 4:30pm EDT and ending at 7:30pm EDT, you’ll run around campus to complete an array of tasks.  
  • Tasks may be items to collect, videos to film, pictures to take, or places on campus to check in. You’ll be awarded points based on the tasks completed.
  • We’ll be using Scavify to keep track of points and tasks, so you must download it onto your smartphone in order to play. We will email the team leader their account login, so don’t create an account.
  • Some tasks may require posting on social media ( Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Imgur) so be sure to have at least one team member with an account!


  • Grand Prize: $400
  • 2nd Place: $250
  • 3rd Place: $150
  • Funniest Video: $100
  • Funniest picture response: $100

Things to do before the Scavenger Hunt begins:

  • Gather up a team (3-5!).
  • Register your team using this Google form
  • Download Scavify on your smartphone
  • Create Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Imgur and YouTube accounts
  • Read Harry Potter

We hope you enjoy the scavenger hunt as much as we enjoyed coming up with some tasks and clues!

Good luck!