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About Gladly

We believe that advertising doesn’t have to be obnoxious banner ads, data mining and clickbait. Ads, when carefully crafted, can be delightful. Our mission is to hold the Internet to that standard. Think entertaining Super Bowl ads plus data privacy.

We believe that individuals should have direct control over their advertising and should not be captive to the whims of an ad tech industry that’s more often concerned with click-through rates than making positive connections with real people.

We believe free content is a cornerstone of an accessible internet, and we think good advertising is a great way to keep content free.  

We believe individuals should have control over their data. Anybody who wants to use your data for advertising should obtain your clear consent (and we’re talking clearer than a 20-page “Terms of Use” document).

Nothing will take priority over listening to what people want from their online experience and doing our best to deliver it to them. We want the Internet to continue being a place where individuals improve the world. As we strive to make advertising better for individuals, we will ensure we are positively contributing to our supporters and the world every step of the way.