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Using React.js and Application Cache for a Fast, Synced App

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In many apps at scale, the choice between fast app load and up-to-date data arises at some point, on some level. You can cache aggressively, but you’ll probably be serving stale data at some point. You can retrieve fresh data, but you’ll probably be sacrificing some load time. You can shoot for both, but you’ll likely require more hardware, app complexity, or both (read: money).

Identifying what tradeoffs you’re able to make depend on your specific app and business needs. This post is about how our team at Tab for a Cause answered this question using React.js and application cache.

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Why Project for Awesome is Unprecedented

We are one week away from Project for Awesome (P4A), an annual 48-hour event where vloggers, a handful of celebrities, and the general public upload videos to YouTube promoting their favorite charity.

It gets fun. It gets serious. It gets weird. But most of all, it gets charitable.

At first glance, Project for Awesome might seem like a traditional fundraiser or nothing more than a crowdfunding campaign. But P4A, in all its strange glory, refuses to fit neatly into either of these labels.

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