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Missing banner ads because of your adblocker? Here’s all 15,000 of them.

girl with camera

Can banner ads be beautiful? On their own, maybe not. But what happens if you smush 15,000 of them together…

If you use the internet (seems likely if you’re reading this) you probably fall into one of a few camps:

  • you hate online ads and have escaped their constant barrage by downloading an adblocker
  • you tolerate their unpleasantness because you want to support the web you depend on
  • you don’t realize you have a say in the matter
  • you don’t realize that most of what you see online is actually an ad.

(If the latter, please know that when ad execs daydream, it is mainly of you.)

The one commonality among the aforementioned groups is that they can agree that the brightly colored, bold texted, shrunken billboard looking-things that live on the side of the BuzzFeed article you’re reading seem to be made with a lot less care than the article itself (which at times doesn’t even seem like that much). Given the beauty and richness of the internet in so many other respects, the ugliness of the average ad is, well….

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