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Beware the Bad Charity

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Not all charities are good.

With over 1.5 million nonprofits nationwide, keeping a careful watch on each one is nearly impossible. As two recent major scandals remind us, some charities are allowed to reap the benefits of non-profit status while failing to put their charitable work above their own self-interests.

One frightening example of this abuse came to light this May when 4 cancer charities, including the Children’s Cancer Fund of America, were exposed for spending a mere 3% of their nearly $200 million donation dollars on the patients they set out to benefit. Most of the money was spent on personal expenses for the employees of the charity: from couples cruises to college tuition.

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Which Charity is Right for You?

which charity is right for you

People constantly write in to ask us how we picked the charities that people can donate to on Tab for a Cause. The answer is that we did our homework to find charities that are important to our tabbers and do an amazing job of using new-tab-page money to make the world a better place. But with so many thousands of charities out there, how did we possibly narrow it down? Can our methods be used by anyone who wants to find a charity that is meaningful to them and needs their help? Absolutely!

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In 2013, 87% of Millennials Did This, and it Has Nothing to do with Tweeting


Kids These Days…

If you type in “Why are Millennials” into a Google search bar, a few of the  top suggestions to complete the question are “so dumb?” and “so selfish?” A lot has been said about young people, and some of it ain’t pretty. But do Millennials actually lack intellect? Are they entitled as so many claim? Are they lazy?

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5 ways to turn your daily actions into money for charity

Daily Action into Charity Header

What’s the best way to raise money for charity?

Open wallet, remove funds, donate, repeat. There is no substitute for the feeling and impact that comes with giving away something you worked hard to get. But if you could turn your day-to-day actions into money for charity without any extra effort, that would be nice too, right? Thanks to the emergence of countless philanthropic widgets, apps, websites, and zip-zaps, you can turn yourself into an online donating machine.

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