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Thanks for Supporting Fair Trade

Thank you to everyone who participated in our #BeFair campaign with Fair Trade USA. We reached our goal of recruiting 4,000 tabbers one week in – you are all awesome! By the end of the campaign 6,883 people joined Tab for a Cause, making our contribution amount to Fair Trade USA $1,720.75!

As part of our campaign, the following referrers will receive a goodie bag filled with Fair Trade products, courtesy of Fair Trade USA:

Grand Prize Winner

  • Name: jlavery
  • Tabbers Recruited:247

2nd Prize Winner

  • Name: katieeus
  • Tabbers Recruited: 49

3rd Prize Winner

  • Name: jjmurph14
  • Tabbers Recruited: 47

Thanks again for everyone who participated! Be sure to follow Fair Trade USA to learn how you can join the efforts to bring fair practices to the people who work hard to bring you your favorite products. Your enthusiasm has made this possible, and we hope you continue tabbing with us and telling your friends about the easiest way to donate to your favorite causes.

Happy Tabbing!

Written by Giovanni Berber, Marketer

Local Action. Global Change.

BeFair Header

You’ve most likely seen the Fair Trade Certified label on your morning coffee or tea, but do you know what it really means? Fair Trade goods are really just that, fair. When you place a Fair Trade product in your shopping cart, you know that it came from farmers who were justly compensated and work in a safe, healthy environment. In a nutshell, Fair Trade is all about empowering the people who grow (and sew) our favorite products to build sustainable livelihoods, invest in their communities and produce quality products for you and your family.

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